Choose to be an extraordinary person

If you think you are very special, unique and original, I remind you that there are 7 billion people on the planet, a million more, a million less. We are in an overpopulated world, which makes us anonymous, indistinguishable, indistinguishable , and the problem does not seem to be of much concern to governments, companies, or the inhabitants themselves.

You go out into the streets and you bump into people, cars, waiting lines. At almost any time the Internet, cell phone networks, streets and highways are congested. People tend to stay at home rather than go out, not even going on vacation is a valuable break to see others.

And in this maelstrom of people, we have the choice of being drowned, buried in anonymity or belonging to a peculiar group of people who choose to be extraordinary . No, these are not trite, vain words from a motivational book. Let’s face it: the people who have transcended the most in the history of mankind and who have been captured in books, are exaggeratedly rare compared to the huge world population .

Of course, minimal work counts to contribute to the world. The work of a taxi driver, a tightrope walker who puts up billboards or a woman quietly cleaning the office is extremely valuable, for us and for them.

What I’m really talking about is personal choice to go for something that is above the standard . Something that is achieved through persistent, productive, focused and successful work . Something that challenges you, that is extremely interesting, important or perhaps critical to live or to be happy.

We live in a time of possibilities, of options. Becoming an extraordinary person, a factor of change, a social leader, a business or political differentiator is possible; however, in this world of possibilities, most prefer to spend time on something inconsequential. Few are those who propose a goal and sustain the effort until it is achieved.

What would have happened to the world if Martin Luther King Jr. had not had a dream?

What would we be if Einstein had not seen the universe differently? (Thanks to the Theory of Relativity, GPS exists and the transmission of signals on cell phones is possible).

What would have happened if Joan of Arc had not been satisfied?

What if Shakespeare hadn’t had time to write?

The single most determining factor in focusing attention, reducing distractions, making smart decisions, and maintaining energy is a powerful sense of purpose. Think:

  • When was the last time you did something extraordinary?
  • How was your attention?
  • How was the clarity with which you made decisions?
  • What was your energy level like?

Now reflect:

  • What could you undertake in your personal or professional life that would make a big difference?
  • What is the value of achieving it?

What prevents you from looking for extraordinary results in any of your roles?…